How to Get Your Own Page

What is My Own Page?

We can set up a page on the Fairview Farmers Market website that is exclusively yours – an online brochure sort of a thing. Having your own page on is easy and effective. Here’s what we need to set up a published page that you can share in all your social media, or you can print it and hand it out, or use it as a flyer and post it around town.

What’s the Purpose?

This is a win – win situation. Your goal is to sell your commodities: ours is to get people to come to the market. As you promote your own wares you also get people to come. It’s a perfect fit for social media. Your page will have a buttons you can use to easily share it in many social media. Your page will have its own URL you can send to anyone.

First Look at How You’ll Look

"See Our Vendors" displays the vendor directory page

On the site is a menu “See Our Vendors” in the menu bar. That page is a directory to all the vendor pages. The first vendor, at the top of the directory, or vendor list page looks like this –

How a single vendor listing looks on the directory pageSo we need a small photo, a name or a few words to identify you and/or your wares (Brady’s Breads in this photo), and a short paragraph for your listing on this directory page. When they click on your vendor name they will go to your page.

How to layout your page

One good way to approach the layout is to imagine you are designing a simple brochure or flyer to advertise the wares you will offer in the Farmers Market. You will want at least one picture (worth 1,000 words) and probably several. If you have a layout in mind for your page, maybe sketch it and include it with the photos and text you send us.

But be sure you consider this –

People like Farmers Markets because they come face to face with the maker of the products they want to buy. This is a unique and powerful experience for a shopper. Work it! 

Make your page (and your presentation in your booth) personal and “down-home”. Consider pictures of you producing your wares. Maybe tell a story about how you came to produce them, or how you overcame a challenge in the process. Shoppers love to think that there is a deeper meaning, or value in their purchase.

If you have a presence on social media, you probably will want to say, “Follow {your media name} on {media}.” somewhere in your text.

There is an old marketing proverb: “Sell the sizzle not the steak.” That fits well here. As you describe the sizzle the steak comes alive. As you talk about how you set the gems in your bracelets, the bracelet becomes a living thing with much deeper meaning. If your garden produce is organic, you will want to show and tell why.

The buyer needs to feel his is getting more than he is paying for. Think about it. If he feels there is a deep value, value beyond the obvious “face value”, he will happily change from a shopper to a buyer.

How to get it to us

You can attach these things to an email and send it to . Or, if you prefer, you could put it on a thumb drive and bring or mail it to us at 86 E 200 S, Fairview, UT 84629. Call or email our media guy with any questions – (435) 851-5226.