Guide for New Vendors


Please read this New  Vendors Guide carefully as it explains the use of the Vendor Application & Contract and outlines the legal requirements you will need to meet to be a vendor in the Fairview Farmers Market.

Vendor Application and Contract


To be a vendor you must submit the Vendor Application and Contract to the Market Manager. Upon approval you and the Market Manager will choose a space in market.

If you will be supplying fruits or vegetables, you will also need to submit the Fruit & Produce Checklist to the Market Manager. Then we know how to plan for a good variety of offerings in the Market.

Children under the age of 12 may sell crafts and produce they have made or grown free of charge with a completed Application and Contract signed by a parent or guardian.

Vendors who grow or produce their own unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains and eggs are exempt from registration with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF). They are also exempt from Food Handler Permits. Other exemptions are bedding plants, potted plants, flowers, shrubs, and bulbs.

As a food vendor you are required by law to:

  1. Have a Food Handlers Permit if you are selling ready to eat food. (Scroll down to find online certification.) Don’t pay more than $25 for the training, registration and the online printable certificate.
  2. If you are selling meat you must discuss it with the State, call Cole Dalton, Supervisor, Utah Meat Compliance Program (385) 207-810.
  3. If you are using a kitchen to prepare items do this:
    a. Go here and print out the application:
    b. Email Cody Griffith and ask for an appointment to have your kitchen inspected:
    c. Ask Cody for a phone number so you can discuss any questions about your cottage kitchen with him.
  4. Label your products correctly (like things you buy at the grocer). Here’s the details:
  5. Abide by the Outdoor Market Requirements of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Some of these apply to us (the farmers market) and some apply to you (the vendor). The steps above should cover you but here’s the official document. (
  6. This a government document so you may have questions after reading it. Contact the Market Manager with those questions:

Documents You Need to Submit to the Fairview Farmers Market Manager

You can mail or email them.

VendorApplicationAndContract (All vendors need to do this one.)

FruitAndProduceCheckList (Only needed if you are going to sell fruits or produce.)

How to Download and Print Those

Once you have one of the above documents open in your browser, you can select “Save” in the “File” menu of your internet browser (you are using it at this moment). That will save a copy of the document to your own computer. Then you can print it.


Please contact the Market Manager with any questions:

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