Vendor Support

How We Support Vendors Success

The Fairview Farmers Market seeks to provide several marketing venues through which we support vendors to help assure their success. Besides a selling space in the Market, these include for each vendor:

  • A web page to display the vendor’s wares, coupons, discounts or other incentives. To request your page, please contact the Media Manager:
  • Each vendor’s page will have social media sharing buttons just like the page you are looking at now.
  • A flyer template to which the vendor can add his products or services and then post online or print and post around town.Loaves of Bread
  • A Vendor News mailing list to which you can subscribe to receive tips and news that will help you succeed.
  • The #fairviewfarmersmarketUtah hashtag has been created for vendors to use to help promote Utah’s Fairview Farmers Market (There are several Fairview Farmers Markets across the US). You should use that hashtag on all relevant social media posts and elsewhere.
  • The Fairview Farmers Market has a presence in Google Maps so people can find you.
  • Music will be provided to create a festive atmosphere in the Market.
  • The Market will open and close with the ringing of a old-fashioned school bell.
  • The Market has an active Facebook page to help keep the public informed and reminded. You should also have your own Facebook page and actively post pictures of your products and your work as you produce your wares.
  • The Market Manager will be glad to assist you with any question about the market and about making and growing products for the Market: