Vendors at Fairview Farmers Market

A list of vendors and their wares. Click on a vendor name or photo to see their page.

Cap and Shoe-ettes


Chris & Martin’s Creations

Bath bubbles and crocheted creations.


Balloon charactersBig Bang Balloons

Kids of all ages love these clever creations.

Birthdays, parties, or just for fun.


Double Chocolate Chip MuffinsCottage Cuisine

Cottage Cuisine offers a number of item for your table. Breads, garden vegetables, and flowers. Items are offered only when available.


Handcrafted Gourmet Fudge


Grandma Nona’s Fudge

Handcrafted Gourmet Fudge made in Grandma’s kitchen just for you.



Eggs in Carton


Jensen Family Homestead

Products from the Jensen Family Homestead: Garden Produce, eggs, and exotic stuff like orange-fleshed watermelon and Cucamelons.


Nifty Seams & Insignia Logo

Nifty Seams & Insignia

Signs and pillows and sewn items, and a really nifty nerf bullet bandolier for your little soldier. And more –


Honey Company Booth


The Honey Company


Pure, Raw, Natural Honey since 1890.