Vendor Flyer Template

Use the Vendor Flyer Template to Promote Your Products

Here is the Vendor Flyer Template in Word (.doc) format that you can download below. Then add your customization and post it on your Facebook or other social media pages.  Please also print your flyer and post it wherever you can (the more the better for you and the entire Market). If you need technical help with this, please email

Click on the “FlyerTemplate” below to download the template to your computer, then edit it and do what you like with it.

Here’s the Big Idea

If we all put out flyers, hard copies in our neighborhoods and on Facebook and other social media sites, we will make sure everyone in Sanpete County and beyond knows about the Fairview Farmers Market in general, and about your offerings there in particular. It’s a Win-Win!

If we work together this will be BIG!

Click this link to download the FlyerTemplate: FlyerTemplate