Helps for Promoting Your Sales

You want to sell and just being there with your wares is not enough, as you know. Here are some ways you can bring customers to your space.

  • Download, edit and use the FlyerTemplate. Post it on your social media and print and post hardcopies around town. The template is in the Vendor Resources menu on this website.
  • Post regularly on Facebook and other social media of your choice. Always use the #fairviewFarmersMarketUtah in some way in those posts; e.g. “I just came back from the #fairviewFarmersMarketUtah and … “. The #growFairview hashtag is also helpful when you can work it in.
  • Tell your friends about what you are doing and selling. Show your enthusiasm.
  • Tell your children about the Children’s Market – under 12 gets a free space for things they grow, craft or produce.
  • Tell people how the Market will be advertised so they get the vision of it all: radio (paid and public service announcements), flyers, social media, word of mouth, newspaper (articles and public service listings).
  • The Fairview Farmers Market is the American answer to European town square markets where people gather, shop, eat and just sit and talk.