Jensen Family Homestead

Family GroupHello from the Jensen’s! We moved here from Salt Lake three years ago with the dream of starting our own homestead and living off the land. Everyone thought we were crazy (they still do!) and we can’t help but agree with them. It is crazy, but it’s also soooooo worth it. Our first year we added bees to our plot. Our second year we added chickens. This year we have been blessed with East Friesian sheep, a donkey, and more chickens. I’m hoping next year we can add a Scottish Highland cow to our homestead. Oh how I dream of fresh-from-the-cow raw milk and homemade butter and cheese!
One of our ever-learning hobbies is gardening. It has been hard trying to figure out this crazy Sanpete weather, but the harvests are always worth the work and stress. Our booth will be centered around what comes out of our gardens. This year we are planting all types of goodies that we are excited to share with you. Our harvest will range from your basic carrots and tomatoes to more exotic produce like orange-fleshed watermelon and Cucamelons. If my table isn’t overflowing with eggs and produce, I will also be offering up hand-sewn beauties like minky baby blankets, lovies, and a few quilts. I hope to see you soon!
Potter Seedling Tomato Starts
80% of our garden is started from seeds grown under grow-lights in our basement. This means we have a better germination rate and a better chance of growing produce that takes longer than our growing season to produce. A lot of our plants, like tomatoes, were started way back in February! This year most of our seeds are heirloom. We aren’t a certified organic garden, but we never use pesticides on our produce. Weed control is done with mulching and good old-fashioned weed-pulling. We are worried every year about our water levels here in Utah, and we are proud to say that we are water-efficient with drip lines and mulching with straw and weed-block fabric.
Eggs in Carton
Another exciting thing we will be offering is fresh eggs from our chickens. Our eggs come in a variety of fun colors and they taste delicious. Plus, you will never be buying eggs that are more than a few days old! (The ones that you find in the store are much, much older.)
Though our homestead is only a few acres, we are eagerly making the most of it. Our two gardens are just north of our home, while the animals are tucked away up top. It’s a bit of a hike to get to them, but they are spoiled with one of the best views in Fairview!