Cottage Cuisine

My Cottage Cuisine offers a number of items for your table: breads, garden vegetables,  and flowers. At the bottom of this page you can see my Cottage Kitchen and my garden plots just outside the cottage kitchen door.

Hi, I’m Charlet Pemberton, founder of the Fairview Chocolate Festival and the Fairview Farmers Market. I love Fairview and hope to get people out of their houses and into the town square where we can develop lasting and rewarding friendships.

Come to my booth and see what I have on hand for your table.

My baked goods

Here are my Double Chocolate Chip muffins, baked fresh in my special cottage kitchen. My muffins are low-calorie compared to typical commercial ones because my recipe  don’t use nearly as much oil.



Here’s my white yeast bread, a good sandwich bread made from a simple recipe. Makes great toast. I also have authentic french bread (just flour, yeast, water, salt) with the crunchy crust you love. Great with garlic butter!
I also do whole wheat, and … ta-da! … sweet cinnamon walnut!!

My Garden Produce


And here’s part of a prior year’s potato crop. These are the good old Russet’s. We don’t use any pesticides or weed control chemicals. We do use commercial fertilizer from time to time.


My Cottage Kitchen

And here’s my cottage kitchen in my walkout basement. (I prepare family meals upstairs – this kitchen is separate from that.) I wash my vegetables in this deep sink and bring them to market the same morning.

I get great satisfaction from making great food. Maybe because we raised ten children?
And there is my large refrigerator set at 38° F and my gas range with its large oven next to the stainless steel table.



My Garden

Just a few steps outside is my cottage garden. The garden picture below is very early spring with the soil still in fallow.  And finally, here’s my license showing my kitchen has been duly inspected for the year.