Chris & Martin’s Creations

Here’s a Few of Our Offerings at the Fairview Farmers Market!

Bubble Baths Bath Bombs
Bubble Bath! Bath Bombs!
Camo Crochet Bracelets
Camo from head to foot!  Sweet head bands!

Fishing Lures crafted by a guy who has been fishing Utah for over 45 years!

Click here to learn about the guy that makes all these (and a lot more things!).

Glass Art for Your Yard or Den




About Martin Curtis

I’m a native of Torrey, Utah and learned to fish on Boulder Mountain.  If you spend any time around a body of water sooner or later your going to find some lost fishing gear. I discovered this at a young age and would walk the shoreline just as soon as I could to look for lost gear. I would take my treasures home and clean them up, replace hooks or swivels as needed and sometimes I would sand and repaint the blades. That’s how I got into making my own lures. Now I buy most of my supplies from the internet but I still walk the shoreline when I’m fishing because you never know what your going to find.

Everytime I would show my wife the lures I made she would say “I need some earrings like that” so that got me into making jewelry out of fishing gear.

I have always had a lot of different interest and have been doing some sort of craft my entire life. I’ve done lost wax casting jewelry, lapidary, ceramics,  airbrushing and woodcarving just to name a few. When I ended up with excess rebar from a project I decided to use it and try my hand at making yard art. 

I just bought a forge so I’m going to see what I can make with it.

I could go on and on about things I’ve made and ideas I have but that would spoil tomorrows surprise so your just going to have to swing by the Fairview Farmers Market regularly to see what’s new. 

After all when its hand made there may only be one like it in the entire world. 

Thanks Martin